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unique biological flame retardants

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For dealers

“NORT” company is ready for long-term relations with serious minded partners and is interested in their business development.

Client of “NORT” company, which is focused on development, can enter into dealership with “NORT” company, provided that it will:

realize fixed sales volume;

promote products of “RPA NORT”: participate in exhibitions, seminars, conduct advertising campaigns.

Your benefit

increase of discount for trade mark products of “RPA NORT”;

forwarding clients to regional representative: establishment of long-term partnership is a priority for our company, therefore, we do not chase after casual contracts, but prefer to build up stable sales network based on mutually beneficial cooperation;

joint promotion in a region: joint participation in exhibitions, organization of seminars and advertising campaigns;

training of sales staff and other employees of a dealer (training aids, travelling seminars, distant teaching);

support in arranging sales outlets, providing with promotional materials.

Contact detail:

- cooperation:

Tel.: +7 (3412) 941-931; +7 (3412) 941-942;

E-mail: sales@nort-export.com; inform@nort-udm.ru.

- employees training:

Tel.: +7 (3412) 941-942;

E-mail: study@nort-udm.ru.