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Product line of the RPA “NORT” is intended for satisfying the requirements of different audience: constructors, companies, engaged in flame retardant treatment, woodworking companies and private developers.

Products advantages

1. Unique specification

safety and confirmed quality: presence of all required certificates;

innovative “technology of related substances”: compound content is not rejected by wood but preserves it;

high performances at low consumption, providing compounds efficiency;

long-term protection of structures and buildings, confirmed by independent labs;

treating capability at subfreezing temperature.

2. Recognition and trust of experts in the field of construction and flame retardant treatment

Products of RPA “NORT” have been recognized at domestic and international exhibitions.

Your benefit

Well sold products

“NORT” compounds are in high demand due to several factors. There are some of them:

strengthening requirements to fire safety because of conflagrations, in particular regarding flame retardant treatment of structures and materials. Lead fire retardant treatment companies prefer use-proved and safe compounds, such as “NORT” products;

wooden house-building growth rate, including as part of the “Affordable housing” national project. Our client is a summer resident or a homeowner, for whom appearance and life of his buildings are of importance. He is sensible and does not save on quality. Economic salt compounds are unacceptable, but products of foreign manufacturers are sometimes way above his budget. That’s why ”NORT” company is his choice;

growth in popularity of mansard arrangement in cities and wood selection as a building material. But for all that, there are placed raised fire safety requirements on mansard structures — zero flame spread (FS1). Unique features of “Pirilax®” flame retardants — reaching the following indices of treated materials: FS1, G1 (low-flammable), В1 (inflame resistant), D2 (moderate smoke generation ability), Т2 (toxicity hazard category 3).

Your success – our boast

We have worked out measures on successful start-up and development of RPA “NORT” partners:

Sales staff training (training aids, travelling seminars, distant teaching);

support in arranging sales outlets, providing with promotional materials.

Opportunities for cooperation

providing with promotional materials;

providing with free product samples for trial painting and testing;

consulting on product application;

flexible terms of payment, discount system.

Contact details for partnership and cooperation:

Tel.: +7 (3412) 941-931; +7 (3412) 941-942;

E-mail: sales@nort-export.com; inform@nort.udm.ru.