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unique biological flame retardants

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NORT – developer and manufacturer of unique biological flame retardants

Research and production association "NORT" – developer and manufacturer of unique biological flame retardants of "Pirilax®" series, antiseptic agents of "Nortex®” series, protection and decorative compounds "KRASULA®", "NORT®" paint and varnish, as well as wide range of timber fire and interior doors "NORTPOST".

Our company works since 1993; it is well known among professionals in the field of biological flame retardant treatment, construction, woodworking, timber harvesting, and private house building as a manufacturer of quality products, which, in some properties, surpasses many domestic and foreign equivalents.

RPA "NORT" is the cofounder of the "Federal Chamber of fire and rescue sector and safety practice", is registered in the Reliable partner register of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and is a member of the Industrial Companies’ Association of Udmurtia. It is an active member of the Association of Employers "Union of Constructors of Udmurtia". Our products have passed the tests in the Federal State Financed Establishment "All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection of the Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disaster".

Our company today


"NORT" – own production with unique patented technologies.


Our clients are large-scale enterprises of oil and gas, aircraft, construction industries, railway and IT sectors.


Residential buildings and industrial structures in 83 Russian regions are treated with products of "NORT" company.


Residential buildings and industrial structures in 7 foreign countries are also treated with our products.


Honored scientists of Russia work in the lab of the "NORT" company with the purpose of product development and continuous improvement.


Our products impart the following properties to wood: durability, higher fire retardant qualities, protection from harmful insects and parasites, mud, fungus and mould, protection when contacting water directly etc.


Surfaces treated with "NORT" products, are safe for humans and animals.


Buildings, treated with our compounds, are used at such temperature under severe Russian climatic conditions.


"NORT" company is trusted. Buildings of global cultural heritage are treated with compounds of our company.